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Enjoy-【Multi-sub】Enjoy like a Galaxy EP38 | Leo Wu, Zhao Lusi | 星汉灿烂 | Recent Drama

Enjoy-【Multi-sub】Enjoy like a Galaxy EP38 | Leo Wu, Zhao Lusi | 星汉灿烂 | Recent Drama

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Cheng Shao Shang is a younger lady who modified into as soon as forced to develop up alone after most of her family needed to leave to wrestle inside a bloody battle. Thus she becomes stubborn also untrusting. She fends for herself inside a town populated by another folks like her, who maintain been left late by a battle.

At some point, a talented also powerfu long-established named Ling Bu Yi involves a city – also falls inside like with her originally seek for. He resolves to marry her, even even supposing this could perhaps perhaps trigger him no stop of complications if he decides to pursue this union. She moreover warns him that she doesn’t belief him, also that her stubborn character couldn’t become upright for a wife of a long-established. But Ling Bu Yi moreover has deep secrets, also there are details about his correct identity that even he does now not know. Slowly, they begin to belief every another a minute bit extra – also begin to investigate a fact about Ling Bu Yi’s early childhood, family, also precise identity…

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Episodes: 56

Genres: Ancient, Mystery, Romance

Subtitles: English [CC]

Audio languages: Chinese language

Director: Fei Zhen Xiang

Leo Wu as Ling Buyi
Zhao Lusi as Cheng Shaoshang
Guo Tao as Cheng Shi
Wang Zhuocheng as Crown Prince Yuan
Bao Jianfeng as Emperor Wen

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  1. This episode became as soon as hilarious and romantic. I had a lawful laugh on the emperor’s strategies and Zisheng and Niaoniao’s romantic scene at his room became as soon as sexy..Playful Zisheng 😀. This drama has every thing. Gold ❤️

  2. The sole traces on this episode:-Shaoshang: Wait. Why is the door 🚪 now no longer soundproof, near inner now !Consert Yue: I assume now no longer only you’re shameless, your also deaf 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

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