Home Video Enjoyable-Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM | Evaluate Enjoyable, Wrong, also Worthwhile

Enjoyable-Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM | Evaluate Enjoyable, Wrong, also Worthwhile

Enjoyable-Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM | Evaluate Enjoyable, Wrong, also Worthwhile

Dustin Abbott Most modern Private Video collars also convulsions!! Admire Video conversions also delimiter!! also video
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Photographer Dustin Abbott shares an intensive review of a more cost effective extensive perspective Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM for EOS R mirrorless | This video is subsidized by Fantom Wallet. Search a advice of with https://store.fantomwallet.com also employ code DUSTIN15 to get 15% off | Search a advice of with https://bit.ly/lethelightinTV for a brand new channel | Read a Textual sigh Evaluate: https://bit.ly/RF16STMda | Search a advice of with a Image Gallery: https://bit.ly/RF16pics | Rep a Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM @ B&H picture https://bhpho.to/3ARuBY3 | Amazon https://amzn.to/3RHz0DR | Camera Canada https://shrsl.com/3ovhm | Amazon Canada https://amzn.to/3TPr2ui | Amazon UK https://amzn.to/3Rnal7A | Amazon Germany https://amzn.to/3qfMvyQ | eBay https://ebay.us/1vveVh

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Desk of Contents:
0: 00​ – Intro
3: 06 – made also Handling
8: 00 – Autofocus
9: 45 – Image Fantastic Breakdown
18: 00 – Conclusion also Pricing

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  1. Thanks for the gargantuan and unbiased correct overview Dustin. I was a lengthy-term particular person of 5D, who switched to Sony a pair of years ago. And now I chanced on myself lacking Canon coloration! Having seen your overview of the RF16 and 50mm, I am thinking of shopping for a RP. Build you watched the RP has an identical coloration science to 5D? Many thanks!

  2. Those are some fisheye roughly bulges reduce distortion Dustin. Phenomenal fancy my Rokinon 12 although I indubitably don’t have any clue why regardless of how erroneous these little pancake form lenses are, to me, they unbiased continually appeal. Some secret soul talking I suspect;)

  3. Accurate overview, as continually. I am planning to procure this lens, because is cheap, little and involving. On the factitious hand here’s not a L lens. Would you imply this one, or the 17-40 L on a Canon RP, the utilization of the adaptor? I indubitably have a 6D too so I will be able to utter the 17-40 on both cameras.

  4. I unbiased offered this lens because it required manner too worthy image corrections to be straight, and with these utilized the sharpness within the corners had been a little bit too gentle for me. It's a gargantuan lens for per chance R6 and under, but for R5 it unbiased failed to match I have confidence. Moreover I didn't fancy the solar neatly-known particular person this creates. I unbiased offered the RF 15-35 F2.8L as a substitute, not similar in any respect and the associated fee will not be any manner near matching. But I fancy panorama pictures, so I made up our minds to up the game to something appropriate for my R5. I would soundless imply this 16mm for the entirety moreover high megapixels cameras and for these wanna investigate cross-test ultra huge or for vlogging as its light.

  5. It's fee remembering that the stretching in opposition to the edge of the frame is an unavoidable result of an ultra huge rectilinear lens – the put the additional away from the centre an object is, the larger it is introduced – hence the stretching. The most good manner to resolve away from stretching is to utter a fisheye lens – but that introduces completely different complications that are normally more sturdy to resolve watch over.

  6. I revel within the utilization of the RF 16mm. It’s “enjoyable”. I am at the 2d taking part in with the RF 24mm, which used to be delivered about per week ago. I am a Philistine and do not have any remark with software program corrected optics. Given sensors are electronic, one would maybe perhaps well argue that perfectly engineered optics are a an anagolue resolution in a digital age. With regard to the 24mm, it is producing photos that I fancy, but don't primarily fancy. Who used to be it who acknowledged that about the RF 35mm….? By the manner, I agree!.

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