Home Video Esteem-Apne Driver Se Esteem Marriage Ki Hai Na… Hira Khan #WohPagalSi

Esteem-Apne Driver Se Esteem Marriage Ki Hai Na… Hira Khan #WohPagalSi

Esteem-Apne Driver Se Esteem Marriage Ki Hai Na… Hira Khan #WohPagalSi

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See Woh Pagal Si Episode 32 Right here : https://youtu.become/9Avs3hjFDPY

See a final episode’s of Woh Pagal Si : Right here https://bit.ly/3CP69ck

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Woh Pagal Si | When Benifits Change into Desires

‘Woh Pagal Si’ is a tale of a girl, named Sara, who is having predicament adjusting with Shazma – a second wife of her father, Ahsan.

Written by: Sadia Akhter

Directed By: Faisal Bukhari


Babar Ali
Hira Khan
Zubab Rana
Omer Shahzad
Saad Qureshi
Zara Ahmed
Fouzia Mushtaq
Ismail Tara
Shazia Gohar
Talat Shah
Anum Tanveer
Areej Chaudhary
Shazia Qaiser
Farha Nadeem
Owais Sheikh
Abdulla Jawed
Adnan Saeed.

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Timing : Woh Pagal Si Monday – Thursday at 7 : 00 PM & Friday – Sunday at 6: 30 PM Most productive On ARY Digital

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