Home Video Esteem-BLACKPINK x PUBG MOBILE – ‘Ready For Esteem’ M/V

Esteem-BLACKPINK x PUBG MOBILE – ‘Ready For Esteem’ M/V

Esteem-BLACKPINK x PUBG MOBILE – ‘Ready For Esteem’ M/V

PUBG MOBILE Most up-to-date These personality also ensign! Esteem Video blinks also dawdle! also news
Video ID GDWX-3kV6do

URL : https://www.youtube.com/set aside?v=GDWX-3kV6do

Esteem also Word Us to ranking notification from our channel
BLACKPINK x PUBG MOBILE – ‘Ready For Esteem’ M/V

Web PUBG MOBILE: https://pubgmobile.dwell/BLACKPINK2022


Partnered with: YG Entertainment

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Challenge Group: PUBG MOBILE Fashion Group & Publishing Group

Govt Producer: Rick Li, Vincent Wang

Producer: Kant Xu, Tron Li, Same Chen, Gerry Zhang, Sivan Chen, Yiming Gu, Anita Cheung, Annan yg, Siyan Chen, Kylan yg, Cecilia Wei, Frank Sheng, Chloe Chen, Alex Zhang, Lisa Chung

Challenge Supervisor: Tina Li, Elaine Cui, Seung Yeon Lee, Jay Liang, Philo Ma, Jessica Luo, Dancy Zhou, Ellen Li, Lily Guo

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Artwork Director: Lionel Zheng

Ingenious & Visible Director: Layla Zhan

CG Director: Duke Wang, Youlan Wang, Xuesong Wang

Animation Director: Sizhe Huang


Govt Producer | David, XC, Dadesign

Producer | Pao

Challenge Supervisor | Hengheng

Post-manufacturing Home | DCP

Visible Director | Younger, Dadesign

Post-Producer | Hingkiu, Raina

Mannequin Supervisor | Joff

Artwork Director | Lizer

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3D Lights/Rendering Supervisor | Jazz

VFX Supervisor | Kroy

Artwork cooperation group: Zebra Animation Firm, ReX-VFX, INFINI, Paralle

Particular thanks: Sin Mi, Finmeteo, Wang Cai, Da Mon Yao, BUG, Qian Bao Wu, Furry Crab, Jun Xiong, youre KNOW WHO, Juan, Mei Ling Xu, Liu Ran, Ling Xin Studio


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