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Fancy-Easiest of Karlie Redd & Joc’s Ex-Files | Fancy & Hip Hop Atlanta

Fancy-Easiest of Karlie Redd & Joc’s Ex-Files | Fancy & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Karlie Redd also Joc’s by no map-ending saga as ex-enthusiasts has given us some of essentially a most consuming moments on Fancy & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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0: 00 – Intro
0: 22 – Karlie pulls on Joc also Tommie
3: 19 – Karlie’s intercourse trick gets Joc inside bother
4: 34 – Karlie vs Kendra
7: 07 – Karlie used to become at Joc’s bachelor occasion
10: 11 – Joc makes Karlie feel much better
13: 10 – Karlie wants an apology occasion
14: 32 – Karlie also Joc keeping secrets
16: 11 – Karlie congratulates Kendra
17: 58 – Karlie calm wants her apology
20: 59 – Joc provides Karlie her apology
21: 56 – What befell inside Jamacia?
22: 38 – Joc gets placed on blast

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  1. I easy don’t salvage why Karlie utter Aesthetic Mimi destroyed Sierra’s marriage. But she urged Sierra that BK used to be dishonest on her and talking to Pooh on her birthday commute.

  2. No one is mad at Joc for dishonest and the general blame is placed on Karlie. So pathetic! He's on the deplorable for constantly taking her bait . Quit giving men a inch please.

  3. The producers are hella messy for these uploads currently. who gaf’s about him and karlie. He has a entire unusual lady. They know exactly wtf they doing smh

  4. Why does Karlie act love she's gonna fight any individual when she knows she's now now not? Girl, sit down yo ass down someplace forward of both Kendra and Tommie beat yo ass.

  5. Tommie got some nerve talking about how inclined karlie redd is! lol 🤣 All the time tommie taking a watch 40, alongside with her face bloating & puffiness & that wrinkly neck! From all that freaken alcohol 🥃 SMH Karlie’s face is noteworthy tighter, That’s so unhappy lmao

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