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Fun-a FUN WAR Has Ended =) // Daisy Bells – a Backrooms Stage Fun =) animation ( Half 2.2 )

Fun-a FUN WAR Has Ended =) // Daisy Bells – a Backrooms Stage Fun =) animation ( Half 2.2 )

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dam it Trace, now I’m gonna form all around a set over again =(

re-uploaded cause it reveals that it is broken

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also ye correct accomplished this 1 day 🙂
a quantity of frames are 2004


alright so my Dialogue #### :3 also I’m #### making a sage also Unexcited useless

also..a Girl..is..Ako 🙂
idk why I striking myself there also undergo also idk Which Destiny would possibly maybe maybe well furthermore mute I’m going
– Loss of life, no more 🙂
– Live – mate how will I continue to exist from this degree, this degree is vast also idk where a fish is a Window/Exit also a Partygoers are inside all locations AAAA-

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that Partypooper is a Diversified one
there is a instant flash

LET “IT” GO – neatly, I correct did my search on Google I’m no longer Sure what are their pronouns are however a Google acknowledged Entities pronouns are “IT” so ye-

idk What a Celebration Host looks like but it indisputably saids that it is gaze like Blob possibly like Scp 999, I correct look some videos of degree stress-free explaintion also proper Adopted their Designs of their Celebration Host.

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  1. I hate that My Knowledge/Signal retains failing my Uploads twice ;-;Edit: now it's performed, You are going to be ready to Check the Description :)One other edit: Nooo the 1:26 fragment The “Heavenly” used to be supposed to be “Accumulate” ;-;

  2. The partypoopers in point of fact didn’t bound extinct after this, they merely went to a level known as The Promised Land where the partygoers can’t procure to. Although the partygoers produce procure right here, the partypoopers private guardians to demolish them.That is where the partypoopers went and they also did no longer bound extinct.

  3. Partygoer: my ears burn please aid mePartypooper: NO*Partygoer will get snatched by it unfairness Bambi*Unfairness Bambi: come right here you puny scaredy cat*unfairness Bambi appears at partypooper*Unfairness Bambi: can I be half of youParty pooper: y- y- yes

  4. The partygoers are very very unpleasant , I watched Plenty of Videos , Partygoers can noclip out of lvl fun And rework folks to partygoersParty poopers aren’t wiped out tho , ( successfully, most of em are )They are within the Promised Land .The level that will perchance presumably be reachen from lvl ! – ! ( Level !’s sub level)The Promised Land Furthermore Contains the merely exit of the backrooms.

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