Home Video Fun-Zambezi Zinger Diagnosis Worlds of Fun Original for 2023 Picket Curler Coaster

Fun-Zambezi Zinger Diagnosis Worlds of Fun Original for 2023 Picket Curler Coaster

Fun-Zambezi Zinger Diagnosis Worlds of Fun Original for 2023 Picket Curler Coaster

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Worlds of Fun is bringing abet a classic inside a brand contemporary, reimagined manner! Inspired by a ragged Schwarzkopf roller coaster by a similar name that closed inside 1997, GCI is bringing their next technology attract existence with an faithful family thrill coaster that facets their contemporary Infinity Flyer trains to boot to their steel Titan Music!

our made a movie! Here’s How our Roll is a characteristic length documentary referring to a historical past of Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC). For extra data also to discover your self a duplicate, please focus on over with vimeo.com/ondemand/thisishowwerollmovie

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Manufacturing, Filming, & Modifying: Sarah Anderson
Logo: Kristopher Werner
Intro: Casey Rentmeester

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  1. I form of became bowled over they're making it partly wooden. Titan observe, I’d maintain would closing longer and comprise much less repairs. I'm questioning if it's a matter of price? I'm now not obvious what their wooden observe charges over their Titan observe. I’d perceive them changing sections with Titan observe over the years.

  2. they are going to be adding a tunnel on the tip like the old zingerI hoped for a extra exstreme coaster nevertheless my wife already sold our seaon passes for subsequent year even though she swore she never visit WOF after our closing visit and getting caught up in a strive against between 100-200 kids as we were sitting in site traffic

  3. I treasure this addition. On the opposite hand I’d comprise cherished to peep a B and M monster like fury 325 or Orion. That’s essentially what the park needs; a bang of a paddle that would possibly also be considered from afar. They’ve so powerful land to remain so too.

  4. Here is my house park, I’m very sad here’s what became chosen to be the following paddle. I maintain almost any form of open coaster would were higher than this. On the opposite hand, this structure does leer stress-free and we finally fetch to peep something fresh! If I’m being picky although, they captured the essence of the spiral raise hill….nevertheless whenever you're going to pass that some distance please give us the old tunnel too.

  5. The side the side banks attend to attend must be a form of stress-free. It’s stunning that it obtained’t be virtually as rapid as mamba or a number of the others nevertheless the G forces shall be there plus the exhilaration from feeling you’re gonna speed into the bottom

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