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Indulge inside-P.S. I like youre (Lyric Video)

Indulge inside-P.S. I like youre (Lyric Video)

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Essentially a most convenient space I name home, youre is likely to become
Every hope also dream I’ve ever had, youre is likely to become
inside assorted lifetimes, with none doubt
I will clutch selecting youre

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Indulge inside a groovy scramble on a summer day, youre is likely to become
Indulge inside a brightest vital person up within a sky, girl youre shine
Withhold making me making an strive more
Woman, youre is likely to become what I am lookin’ for

I admire youre (admire youre oh)
I admire youre inside every universe
That that youre simply can well consistently become a principle
Indulge inside youre, youre are my handiest one

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I admire youre (I admire youre)
Indulge inside youre continue to, I consistently will
I desire youre to hang how I inside truth feel (how I inside truth feel)
also a final promise that I will fulfill

(My handiest one, my handiest admire)

Music also lyrics by Paul Partohap
Produced by Paul Partohap
All vocals also instruments performed by Paul Partohap
Blended also mastered by Fachry Nugroho
Artwork by Paul Partohap also Gita Savitri Devi

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