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like-like is Blind: After a Altar Season 2 | Shaina’s Contemporary Man | Netflix

like-like is Blind: After a Altar Season 2 | Shaina’s Contemporary Man | Netflix

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Shaina surprises every person on a 80’s themed earn along with her now husband, Christos. They had been engaged on a time of this earn collectively.

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After a experiment, reality comes into point of curiosity. What took order to a couples also singles from like is Blind Season 2 after a weddings? like is inside actuality blind, nonetheless is a future blurry? Note a reports of Jarrette, Iyanna, Deepti, Shayne, Natalie also additional when like is Blind: After a Altar Season 2 premieres September 16th.

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like is Blind: After a Altar Season 2 | Shaina’s Contemporary Man | Netflix

A twelve months after their trip inside a pods, some couples are quiet collectively also going sturdy, while any another folks are single also shopping for a connection.


  1. Agree with being with a lady that never compliments you, now not incessantly presents affection and doesn't cook dinner, then being shamed for breaking it off with her. Shane didn't quiz for well-known but Natalie made issues so subtle. She acts sweet to the digital camera however the clips we were shown between her and Shane showed a queer aspect. As for Shayna, she moved on and is dating someone else. Shane saved enthusiastic with Shayna after Natalie made it clear they were tremendous friends. I’m in a position to't stand girls like Natalie. They factual plod your mood down. The tremendous kindly couple from this existing became once Lauren and Cameron.

  2. All I know is… we have waited toooo damn long for this so, @ 12:00am, September 16th… 2022… all of the after the alter… better be up! 😤😤😤It became once sooo laborious to steer clear of seeing or hearing any spoilers. It’s about time! lol but if truth be told 😑

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