Home Video Savor-【ENG SUB】Chubby Movie Version丨Hidden Marriage like丨Yin Hun Zhi Ai丨隐婚挚爱

Savor-【ENG SUB】Chubby Movie Version丨Hidden Marriage like丨Yin Hun Zhi Ai丨隐婚挚爱

Savor-【ENG SUB】Chubby Movie Version丨Hidden Marriage like丨Yin Hun Zhi Ai丨隐婚挚爱

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💽 Synopsis
A blueprint from a chum made her change into a stranger to him. Lin Bu Hui spent five years inside expose to brush aside Xia Yu Sheng, nevertheless she unruffled couldn’t stop a will to see him. Bu Hui planned to see him for a final time, nevertheless she didn’t seek records from to become provocative about one another conspiracy.
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【ENG SUB】Chubby Version丨Hidden Marriage like丨Yin Hun Zhi Ai丨隐婚挚爱
【Actors】Solar Mao Feng, James Zhan, Jiang Xin Hui, Jiang Xin Hui

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  1. I worship this drama. Finally she will be able to seemingly be chuffed. Her ex husband desever it. Trusting the inferior lady and face the Conseqences of mistreating her. By the plan worship the ending part😘. 😍😍😍

  2. The ending modified into as soon as so finest she didn't return to the ex-husband who doesn't know the variation between worship and grateful if he's in worship with the opposite lady stunning because he blueprint the woman took care of him when he modified into as soon as on the health center meaning it modified into as soon as by no formula worship but stunning being grateful to her

  3. Correctly that modified into as soon as a plentiful formula to crash some time. For as soon as I loved the ending no SML unhappiness. It’s admire my pet peeve in these dramas that the ML is forgiven and so that they’re living fortunately ever after, admire who would are seeking to be with that guy despite the entirety he set up her by. Her staying with the man that had her help, saved her lifestyles and loved her by the years rather than the male lead who abused her, distrusted her and triggered her children to die… I beloved it A LOT.Is this a shortened version of a longer drama?

  4. I admire the ending , she did the beautiful thing now to not return with ex-husband. But some scenes doesn't place sense . I mean when he modified into as soon as in the health center how advance no one visited and when his children's died he didn't even bought emotional nor a little of bit . Isn't it ridiculous 🤔😂 . This legend is getting repeated time and all yet again all yet again in quite a lot of dramas .

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