Home Video Test-Mighty Ukko Examined & First Impressions! Champion Spotlight Raid Shadow Legends

Test-Mighty Ukko Examined & First Impressions! Champion Spotlight Raid Shadow Legends [Test Sever]

Test-Mighty Ukko Examined & First Impressions! Champion Spotlight Raid Shadow Legends [Test Sever]

Skratch Plays Most unusual unduh Video calculation also dioxides!! This Video canals also drink. also post
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Mighty Ukko Examined & First Impressions! Champion Spotlight Raid Shadow Legends


  1. The vogue I read it, he has a 50% chance of stealing 1 random buff, the enemy would per chance additionally actually get 5 buffs, he targets 1 and has a 50/50 shot at stealing it. He additionally targets 1 enemy, so if that enemy has greater resist than he has accuracy, he’ll doubtless fail.

  2. Are you kidding me!? 18,500 HP and 109 scamper? Those are gargantuan stats for a make stronger champion. Aren’t they? Evaluating him to a identical champion, Blind Seer, he has love 400 more HP, 100 more Defense (negligible incompatibility, nonetheless it surely is more) nonetheless Blind Seer is 6 scamper faster.So truthfully evaluating him to identical make stronger champions, he’s about the identical in stats. However his talents in my analysis are stronger then Blind Seer

  3. Also I judge you ignored a bunch of buffs being stolen. The truth that you’ve got got got Nekred in your team I judge is what change into confusing you. I judge a greater take a look at would’ve been if you happen to didn’t have any buffers in your team. Then you may per chance’ve been ready to perceive for positive which buffs you were taking and which buffs you already had. Due to the the groups you were facing were getting buffs that you already had. It change into peaceable stealing these buffs nonetheless it surely wasn’t changing the buff you already had. You may per chance additionally report this on the foundation of the first area match if you already had a top-notch beef up buff and you seen that you stole a scamper buff nonetheless you didn’t value that you stole Lydia‘s beef up buff Due to the you already had it from Nekred. However if you happen to seek over Lydia’s head you’ll glimpse she is missing a reinforced buff. So it looked love the champion change into working as intended to me

  4. You care manner too mighty about this gender ingredient. Visible nipple rings are an accurate indication that it’s no longer of the feminine sex. If it change into than this game ranking would must be upgraded in consequence of female nudity.

  5. I judge it is working as intended, the need of buffs utilized doesn’t matter, because it is one random buff stolen, nonetheless need of enemies it is utilized to does. Dispute arbiter applies amplify assault to your whole team, .50^4 = .0625, so there’s a 94% chance you may additionally get a fetch from no longer lower than one champ, and Ukko will discontinuance up with a top-notch amplify assault. What is gargantuan is, ukko will block one buff from applying, despite the proven truth that he already has that buff. You had top-notch beef up from nehkret, nonetheless peaceable blocked Lydia’s beef up on her and UDK, and the amplify scamper change into stolen from Dutchess. On the other hand, you may additionally no longer continually get so fortunate where an opponent applies multiple buffs to all individuals and you get one fetch of every buff. Can also get duplicates, in consequence of this truth handiest stealing a portion of the buffs utilized, and a 6.25% chance you get nothing in any recognize in area no longer lower than.

  6. One manner to perceive whether it is miles a male or a female, is by the employ of the animation modal comparability. Compare the standing animation of somebody that you realize the sex for positive. The different route that I been the employ of more in overall to name the sex, is to appear if the boob is lined or no longer. If it is lined, it is female, male in some other case.

  7. Presumably if the enemy receives multiple buffs then it in actual fact handiest counts as “being buffed” so the “random” section is which one amongst the 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 buffs placed on any one enemy gets stolen?

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