Home Video Test-My DNA Heritage take a look at results (I WAS SHOCKED)

Test-My DNA Heritage take a look at results (I WAS SHOCKED)

Test-My DNA Heritage take a look at results (I WAS SHOCKED)

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  1. My complete life I presumed I used to be Kor-tal-ir-ench. With some mafia and monkey stuff jumbled in. Turns out I'm….no longer exactly what I expected. WOW. Can't deem THIS used to be the final result. Who knows! Perchance you're my cousin! Thanks Myheritage.com for the test! Compare them out!

  2. I'm a 6'1″ white guy. My European partner chanced on it droll that my results had been, in descending uncover: Spanish, Mesoamerican (Mexican/Central American Indian), English, German, North African, Central African/Congolese, Scandinavian, Ukrainian. Like, the 5% Congolese didn’t indicate up on my face (whereas my grandmother used to be clearly of African descent)! Granted, being Hispanic with a German remaining title already threw folks off infrequently. So I correct told her: welcome to The US!

  3. I took the DNA test and conception I used to be Irish/English whatever smartly I’m however basically I’m of French ancestry as in a descendant of French Royalty, going serve to about 1100 AD. Wow I wish my grandma used to be restful alive she by no system knew.

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